UNIX Network TCP/IP Printing with RPM

RPM Remote Print Manager® enhances UNIX print jobs by giving users the ability to customise and control processing of UNIX print jobs received on a TCP/IP network. RPM is a PC-based TCP/IP print server that's built for all Windows® platforms offering unparalleled flexibility in UNIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, and AIX Network TCP/IP Print Management.

RPM formats the UNIX spool files before they are sent to a Windows printer! Easily add a printer to UNIX with RPM and instantly be able to format your print jobs, set duplexing, stapling and any other copier or printer commands. Incoming print jobs/data from UNIX (or any host) can easily be written to a file for archiving or other processing. Print to Windows (local or networked) printers versus printing to mainframe printers.

  • UNIX Print to Disk
  • UNIX to locally attached PC Printer
  • UNIX TCP/IP file transfer
  • Incoming data can easily be written to a file for archiving or other processing
  • Landscape printing in UNIX
  • Send prints jobs to copier with duplexing, stapling, sorting options


  • RPM provides the ability to take any UNIX spool file and save it to disk, whether it's saving the file to your local disk or saving it to a network storage device.
  • RPM will format ANY UNIX text file and print to ANY Windows printer, regardless of paper size, tray selection, # of copies, paper orientation, or printer destination.
  • RPM will translate ASA/FORTRAN control characters to PC printer commands on the fly.
  • RPM can successfully receive jobs from Linux, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, FreeBSD, Digital UNIX, DEC VAX, Open VMS.


RPM offers Flexible UNIX Printing Queues

Text Printing

Any text data stream can be formatted for a Windows printer whether the printer is supported by UNIX or not. RPM gives users the ability to control fonts with dynamic sizing using lines-per-inch and characters-per-inch.

Filter Printing

RPM can be configured to open print data in other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, or other programs. The print job is captured to process with an application or saved to a file (file transfer) for archiving or other purposes. RPM checks for duplicate filenames before saving and has many file naming options.

Raw Printing

RPM passes the raw data from UNIX to the PC printing queue, bypassing the Windows print driver. RPM processes print data as if the printer were connected directly to the host system through a parallel or serial connection, without modification. This queue type supports the advanced queue features such as transforming data, adding and appending bytes or file, and so on.

Please feel free to download the fully functional Demo of RPM and see for yourself if RPM offers you a solution for your printing needs. You can test it out for yourself before you buy, without any question of whether it will meet your needs.


RPM Beta 5.0

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