Print to a File from any Host System to your Windows PC (or printer)

RPM can save your incoming data (from an AS400, UNIX, mainframe, or any host system) to any Windows® PC or Windows resource. Once saved to disk, you can call another application to manipulate the file, or you can simply store the file electronically for archiving purposes for for future reprint. You can print to file and to a print at the same time with RPM.

Print network print files to disk

RPM checks for duplicate filenames before saving files, and your mainframe data (host system data) can be saved to local or networked folders. When saving files to disk, RPM has many file naming options available

Print to File with RPM for easy Print History or Archive

Printing to file with RPM gives you the ability to integrate print data to disk or to print with third-party software and use custom processing, while continuing to use your established printing services in your business system.

Put simply, the goal is to save the print job ( print to file ) on disk and optionally open the file in another software application. RPM supports a variety of file naming and storage requirements to fit your needs:

  • RPM provides a unique filename by adding a numbered extension if needed.
  • RPM can append the print job to an existing file.
  • RPM uses long or short names, for compatibility with 16-bit or newer software.
  • RPM offers fine control over the filename, including a custom prefix and optional use of the global sequence number or job specific data (for example, host name, remote filename, and so on)

Please feel free to download the fully functional Demo of RPM and see for yourself if RPM offers you a solution for your printing needs. You can test it out for yourself before you buy, without any question whether it will meet your printing needs.


RPM Beta 5.0

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