ExcelliPrint: Converting IPDS Data to Other Formats

Using ExcelliPrint®, you have the option to spool your AFPDS print data to Windows®-based printers or you can choose to convert your AFPDS data streams to PDF files (or other formats, including JPEG and TIFF), which can be stored in electronic archives. Converting AFP to PDF or other formats for electronic storage offers many advantages, ExcelliPrint does not convert AFP into IPDS, the PSF handles this on the mainframe side. ExcelliPrint receives the AFPDS (or IPDS) file that the mainframe's PSF converts from AFP format.

Advantages of Converting AFP Data Streams to PDF (or Other Formats)

ExcelliPrint receives AFPDS and SCS print data, in the form of an IPDS data stream, over TCP/IP from OS/390 mainframes or AS/400 machines. ExcelliPrint can then send the print job to Windows-based printers or to file for storage.  Output options include PDF, GDI, or PCL.

ExcelliPrint allows you to convert your AFP print data to PDF, GDI (TIFF, EMF, JPEG, and PNG), or PCL. Using ExcelliPrint to save documents in electronic formats for archiving provides, among others, the following advantages:

  • In IPDS environments, you no longer need specialized printers
  • Paper printing costs are reduced
  • Storage costs are lowered, as reports can be archived on CDs or DVDs
  • Archived files can be stored in multiple locations, reducing risk
  • Reports can be delivered rapidly through electronic delivery including email
  • Information can be retrieved quickly and efficiently

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