JR Computing Solutions specialises in hardware, software, and networking solutions, in particular PC-based solutions, with connectivity to IBM mid-range computers (AS/400/iSeries) and Windows NT/Server 20xx servers.

JR Computing Solutions specialises in the following areas:

·        Systems Design.

·        Programming.

·        Networking solutions (esp wireless).

·        PC Repairs/Upgrades/Quotations.

·        Software (MITTS) for Zevodat wired and wireless systems for the Milk Industry.

·        Software installation.

·        Home tuition in Windows® & MS Office®

·        Internet connection setup.

·        Web Page development.

·        Use this JJY Radio Emulator
   to set Radio-Controlled Watches



 Contact us:


                    James Roberts,

                    JR Computing Solutions, P.O. Box 44, Lyrup SA 5343

                    Phone: 0407 898008                email:  jroberts@jrcomputing.com.au